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Application for Church Leader Audit

Thank you for taking the time to apply to Westminster Theological Seminary! Please complete the following application form to begin your application process.

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NOTE: You must submit with this application a letter of reference from a current ruling elder or deacon in your church (other than yourself) ON CHURCH LETTERHEAD stating your current leadership position.

Please register as early as possible so classes may be planned for space availability. Some courses may be closed out due to high enrollment. A maximum of 10 auditors per class. Language courses, distance/hybrid courses, and upper level MAR/MDiv and THM/PhD courses are not open for audit. Eligible courses are from the M.A., M.A.R. and M.Div. programs of study only.

Please send all application materials to:

Westminster Theological Seminary Admissions Office
Post Office Box 27009, Philadelphia, PA 19118.
Please note: We cannot return any application materials once they are submitted.

Degree Program You Are Applying To

Please indicate which year and semester you are planning to attend Westminster.

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Personal Information
Demographic Information

ALL QUESTIONS IN THIS SECTION MUST BE ANSWERED. Westminster does not practice or condone discrimination against applicants on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, gender, or disability.

Address Information
    If your current address is temporary, please provide an end date and add a permanent address.

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Contact Information

It is essential for your email address to be accurate as this will be the primary means of contact. Please also ensure that emails from Westminster will not be caught in your spam filter.

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Letters of Reference

Who will provide your letter of reference?

  1. I hereby voluntarily waive any right or privilege provided by Public Law 93-380 to inspect or challenge the content and comments expressed in my letters of recommendation. I expect that the observations made shall remain confidential between the writer and the person or organization to whom my file is addressed unless I send an email to the contrary to

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School Policy
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